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Quality Methodology

Every truck load of cargo that is received from production to warehouse is first checked with 10% sampling basis. Each truck report is seperately recorded and maintained and reported to the head office QC team before the truck load is approved for warehousing. A copy of the final QC report of the truck load is given to the production team and the shipment team.

While off loading the truck, another fresh set of 10% sampling is done on random basis to re-verify the effectiveness of the first qc report. Here, we do the calibration of the two different 10% sampling done. The data is recorded and provided to the head office QC team. Corrective actions are taken if any major variation noticed from the first sampling process.

On a periodical basis, an independent surveyor is hired to do the third sampling and variations are identified between sampling process 1, 2, & 3.

Each lot of the truck lot is carefully marked with qc data and warehouse location data so the shipping team can match the requirement of the customer with the cargo available. Therefore, connecting the warehousing and shipping part of our process. This process enables us to track exactly which truck/production lot goes into which container and therefore the traceability from thereon.